Bonfire Assisted Services


Our team of XR developers and artists build custom immersive experiences using Bonfire. Differentiated by critical thinking, and the speed of creation using Bonfire, we can build highly scalable, and performant experiences in faster times. 

We are located across the U.S. and we have a deep bench of developers we hire to scale up or to service clients across the globe including the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

We can work on small and mid-size projects and because of our partnership with PIXO VR, we can service enterprise scale projects. 

A man with a VR headset on his head in an immersive experience

The Dimension X team is comprised of some of the brightest minds I’ve had the privilege of working with. The culture focuses on teamwork, accountability and results. Perhaps the most important differentiator is that the team focuses on critical thinking, so they don’t just do what I say. Instead they counsel me improving my ideas. And to boot, they are good people I like to work with. 

Client Executive Director

Work Portfolio

These are some of the clients for whom we have created immersive experiences.

Tonomus Neom logo

About Them

Tonomus has emerged as a global leader in the smart-to-cognitive transition, developing world-changing technologies and investing USD 1 billion in 2022 alone in AI-driven products and hyperconnected, predictive and proactive solutions. These include the first-of-its-kind, mixed-reality, digital twin metaverse with human needs at its core, and a cutting-edge consent management platform designed to restore trust and place personal data ownership back in the hands of users.

The Work

We participated in a proof of concept that leverages Unreal 5.0, Cesium and Lumen technology along with an implementation of the Unity, data oriented technology stack (DOTS) to handle massive data complexity, enabling a real-time, massive, multiplayer experience with thousands of virtual users and managed non-player characters (NPC) in the same instance.

The product application remains private and cannot be shown yet.

a fantastical desert scene with water bubbles rising from the surface into the air.

About Them

The Space center is an in-person STEM experience creating live-action space missions. Telos uses these same missions as inpatient behavioral health treatments.

The Work

We are updating the center’s in-person space simulation software enabling flight controllers to add real-time experience variations to optimize the participant experience. We are adding AR, VR and web browser experiences including away missions. 

Future work includes AI-driven experiences. Meta is a grant funding partner.

Christa McAuliffe Space Center simulation room
Computer generated graphics of the future space center simulation room with VR, LED screens, video, audio and lighting effects.
Randon Aviation Virtual Flight Instructor

About Them

Randon Aviation is a regional flight school providing ground, air and virtual training for aspiring pilots. They have a partnership with Skywest, a Delta partner to onboard graduates.

The Work

We built a virtual flight instructor learning application that integrates with Xplane. It instructs the pilot to fly a set of expected procedures and measures all aspects of the results as a flight report that highlights where additional instruction is necessary. Future versions will directly integrate into a Moodle LMS.
Virtual Flight Instructor cockpit view of standard operation procedures
Boom Interactive

About Them

Boom Interactive enables quick digitization of physical spaces to create editable 3D digital twins from 2D blue prints or sketches using consumer LiDAR technology.

They specialize in advanced machine learning AI with a specific focus on image recognition for rapid 3D visualizations. 

The Work

We built middleware to transform file exports from their application into the Nvidia Pixar Universal Scene Description (USD) format for use in Unity. We have been the architecture and Unity domain experts for their existing bench of developers. Their work enables enterprise digital twins and recent work includes AI components, and real-time data manipulation of closed-circuit television inputs.
Boom Interactive Bubbles Software

Frequently Asked Questions

We primarily develop in C#, C++, Unity, and Unreal. But our team has also developed in AWS/Azure, Javascript, Python, SQL, MySql, and SQLite. We have expertise deploying experiences to nearly all VR hardware as well as mobile and desktop hardware.

No minimum or maximum, within reason. We have a large network of contacts so we can scale down with lower cost resources to hit a budget, or scale up through partners to create large, enterprise applications for Fortune 100 clients.

Our leadership team were some of the original members of the Unity developer community and because of our work history, we’ve been following the leading edge of technology for the last decade and a half. We dedicate team time to continuous learning, attendance at industry conferences and our projects require constant R&D to create solutions for evolving problems.

Yes we have too. Talk to us. See our work. Speak to our customers. We aren’t perfect, but code quality, thoughtful UI/UX, transparent project management and constant communication and budget management are areas of focus.

We thoughtfully develop up-front plans to align expectations with budgets. Our project management tracks progress against timelines and budgets and per the contract, we deliver for a fixed fee or we adjust the scope if requirements change.

According to your needs we can train your staff, hire staff or introduce you to dedicated support organizations with scalable support.