A back-end data service that powers massive XR experiences

Utilizing the power of the Unity Data Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS)

Polyhesion is used to:

Watch as thousands of individual space ships are being individually managed with trajectories updated every second to create smooth orbits around the planet with minimal impact on performance or FPS (shown in the top right).

Polyhesion Engine Planet DOTS
Play Video about Polyhesion Engine Planet DOTS

Hundreds of Avatars

Play Video about Polyhesion Engine - Thousands of Avatars in a single instance

Developed by Dimension X, in partnership with Ingenious VR, the Polyhesion is a multi-player VR framework for collaboration, entertainment, and virtual travel. It enables tens, hundreds, and thousands of simultaneous players to co-exist in the same virtual world. Using the latest in Unity and Unreal Engine technology, Polyhesion is a transformative framework.

A Break Through

Enabling 1,000s of Users in the Same Virtual Instance at a Time

Multi-user Synchronization

Real-time global synchronization of tens of thousands of 3D avatars and dynamic 3D objects in one instance.

World Partitions 3D Streaming

Web, Mobile, PC3D, and PCVR modules for sharing world partitions delivering market leading client side graphic fidelity and performance.

3D Objects Positioning & Simulation

Location accurate positioning of 3D avatars and dynamic 3D objects in a virtual world, including their geolocation, and physics simulation (gravity, collisions, etc.).

The 3D/VR Experience Builder

Polyhesion will be tightly integrated with Bonfire, a 3D/VR no-code content creation platform with templates, and drag-and-drop simplicity.

What is it?

Polyhesion is a back-end data management service using Unity DOTS. Like AWS, it is a plug-and-play subscription service built for the data complexities of XR applications. It enables high-performance, high-efficiency edge computing, and optimizes the lightning fast 5G speeds.

Immersive applications are currently limited to 100 concurrent virtual. More than that will crash modern servers. But, using the Polyhesion technology, experiences can have 1,000s of virtual users in the same instance at a time.

Technical Details