Metaverse Advisors

We have a large network of advisors and ecosystem partners with whom we work on projects, gather insight and collaborate to create great immersive experiences.

These individuals make up our Metaverse Advisory Board.

They are trusted experts across technology, business, design, and go-to-market strategy. 

They run their own businesses, provide education, author books, host events, and guide strategy for innovators who are deciding how to develop immersive XR experiences.

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Aaron Pulkka

Aaron Pulkka

Technology Advisor (Unreal)

Alex Coulombe

Alex Coulombe

Technology Advisor (Unreal)

Michael Atkinson

Michael Atkinson

Learning & Development Advisor

Christopher Morrison​

Christopher Morrison

Media Advisor

Ryan Anderson, Ph.D.​

Ryan Anderson, Ph.D.

Clinical Advisor

Dr. Sana Farid​

Dr. Sana Farid

Strategy Advisor

Rachel Joy Victor​

Rachel Joy Victor

Brand Advisor

Johnny Thompson​

Johnny Thompson

Technology Advisor (Unity DOTS)

Syed Ibrahim Ghaznavi, PhD.​

Syed Ibrahim Ghaznavi, PhD.

Learning Management Advisor

Daniel Lemire

Technology Advisor (CPG, AI)

Jason Harrison

Technology Advisor (Unity)