About Us

Dimension X, Inc. is an immersive and spatial XR products company. We are pioneering the development of software technology that is enabling millions of storytellers, trainers, designers, developers, musicians and entertainers to make boundless experiences using its no-/low-code Bonfire™ platform.

We have created the Spark file format, a 3D reusable component that includes both visual characteristics as well as customizable traits, causes and effects that create contextual intelligence.

The Spark file format enables drag-and-drop simple experience creation in less time, at lower costs, and with less technical effort.

Experiences built in Bonfire can be deployed across all modalities including mobile, desktop and XR devices, making it possible to create world-class training, gaming, marketing, simulations and entertainment.

We also take on select custom development projects. 

This is the badge given to developers who are certified as Unity expert programmers.
We have run a space center for more than 30 years. The Dimension X team has been super insightful to architect a new simulation platform that creates meaningful engagements requiring students to work under pressure, make decisions and then deal with the consequences. We’ve worked with a lot of developers over the years and this team has been exceptional.
James Porter, Director
Christa McAuliffe Space Center

Leadership Team

Scott Roberts, CEO of Dimension X

Scott Robertson


Kyle Ringgenberg, CTO of Dimension X

Kyle Ringgenberg


Chris Keller, COO & President of Dimension X

Chris Keller


The Team

We have a world-class team of designers, and developers who are critical thinkers. We are building a culture to attract smart, hard working, humble, and teachable people. We are regularly searching for like-minded people to join our team full- or part-time. 

We offer above market compensation, remote flexibility, stock options, upward mobility, and the opportunity to work at the forefront of new technology.

Join us in our Discord community, and make a meaningful contribution.

Investors & Advisors

Eric Denna, Dimension X advisor and investor

Eric Denna, Ph.D.

Advisor & Investor

John Richards, Dimension X advisor and investor

John Richards

Advisor & Investor

Mike Ray, Dimension X advisor

Mike Ray


Tyler Richards, Dimension X advisor & investor

Tyler Richards

Advisor & Investor

Travis Cook, Dimension X advisor & investor

Travis Cook

Advisor & Investor

John Pestana, investor of Dimension X

John Pestana


Evan Teshima, investor of Dimension X

Evan Teshima


Kevin Henderson Dimension X advisor

Kevin Henderson