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No-/Low-Code Platform

For designers, developers, gamers, marketers, storytellers and trainers

Creating immersive XR experiences has been difficult, until now. . .

Bonfire™ changes all of that.

Like Figma did for UI/UX, Bonfire is doing for XR.

Bonfire is a no-code platform for the non-technical, and a low-code platform for those who want to build custom Sparks.

Central to its simplicity is a visual story tree, a drag-and-drop map and contextually intelligent Sparks that are modifiable via the Trait Editor. 


Bonfire Features

Story Tree – Better than an editing timeline, this is purpose built for non-linear branching logic. 

Visual Map Editor – Drag and drop Sparks into virtual space. Edit using the overhead or first person views. 

Spark Libraries – Load public or private libraries of Spark assets for quick use in experiences.

Customizable Sparks – Use the trait editor to adjust traits, causes and effects.


Enterprise Training Partnership

PIXO and Dimension X have partnered to deliver the best enterprise immersive XR training ecosystem to create, distribute, manage, and customize world-class content.

Bonfire reduces time, costs and technical skills required to build experiences that increase employee engagement and performance, improve safety, and deepen skills mastery. Learn More